Nabbing a Nice Email

This post is intended for students, staff and faculty at the University of Waterloo only.

The University of Waterloo recommends using your email when communicating with employers. It’s a clean choice and shows your affiliation with the school. Also, note that I’ll refer to for simplicity, I’m aware that there is a transition period for

However, did you know you can also get a email with your preferred name in front of it?

  1. Login to WatIAM and select Manage your Account
  2. Go to Update Chosen/Preferred Name and ensure it has your preferred name under First Name, if not add it now
  3. Go back out and then select Manage Email Settings
  4. You will be able to choose if not taken already, in the list titled Friendly Email Address

You will then have access to send and receive through as well as your new Friendly Email Address. Note that once you choose your Friendly Email Address, it might not be possible to change it to another Friendly Email Address so pick carefully.

If you think having is cool, how about It’s cheap to register a domain name with NameSilo, and free to integrate with Gmail and your existing LinkedIn profile, see my other guide

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