Kerning in Resumes - Advanced Formatting Issues

Adjusting spacing between letters so things look just right

Nabbing a Nice Email

Tired of Claim now!

Personal Branding with a Domain Name on a Student Budget

Register a domain name ($), send and receive emails at that domain name (free) and a redirect for your website (free).

Personal Online Branding - Extended Thoughts

I wrote a lot, but then cut it down to the bare minimum - see the extended version with all my other ideas.

Floating Table of Contents for Hugo Academic Theme

The fruits of several nights of labour and frustrations.

AYCE Sushi Pricing for Kitchener-Waterloo

A map and listing of prices of all of the AYCE sushi restaurants in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area.

Referral Links

A collection of referral links I keep handy here for easy reference.

Setting up a vanity email using Amazon SES with your domain name and Gmail This page is intended for friends of Eric and his Tax Clinic Volunteers only. No liability is assumed if you follow these instructions.